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Big tech businesses need to be regulated

NewViewNews · business · prompt · 11/01/2020

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Background info:
The digital age has created the atmosphere for large tech companies to emerge and integrate themselves into our daily lives. Facebook provides social media and messaging apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger that let you communicate with your friends, regardless of how far away they are. Amazon, the sole titan of the online marketplace, lets you fill your pantry, wardrobe, and office without leaving your house. Google sits at the core of these resources, with a dominating market share in video content with Youtube, browser email clients with GMail, and, of course, search engines. Finally, the device and operating system you use to access any of this, your main portal to the online world, is likely courtesy of Apple or Microsoft.

Is there a price to this convenience though? Some suggest that these companies have become too large and too powerful. Social media sites are often accused of bolstering certain perspectives while censoring others. Large retailers with diverse catalogues are often faulted for the failure of small businesses that cater to smaller niches. Corporations with many subsidiaries are condemned for allegedly violating antitrust laws. And many companies of all different kinds are criticized for how they manage an individual’s data.

Should these businesses be curtailed? Currently, there are various regulations of different types in these industries. Some think these are uncalled for while some think they aren’t enough. What do you think? For the Business section’s NewViewNovember prompt, we ask you to respond to the following statement:

Big tech businesses need to be regulated.

There is no right answer to this prompt. Prompts are written in the from of a statement to fit with agreement/disagreement/other and do not imply the opinion of NewViewNews or contest judges. Responses may fall somewhere in-between these three responses, and we ask you not to stress about which category to put it in as all opinions are equally valid, and nuance is something to neither avoid nor force.

You will not be judged based on what your opinion is, but, rather, how well you deliver your argument. Some criteria of good articles include intelligible, well-reasoned arguments that are thorough in their response. While we feel specific rubrics are too creatively constraining of the writing process, we want to stress that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Also, the use of sources is encouraged if your article may benefit from it. Pictures are required for the purposes of thumbnails but will not be judged as a part of your article for content purposes.

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Further reading for this prompt can be found in the sources section.


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