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Exploring different religious ideas is a good way to supplement one's own beliefs

ChrisGaryPaul82 agrees with this · religion · opinion · 11/04/2020

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On a personal and societal level, following a religion obviously has both positives and negatives. What causes unity causes tribalism and what prompts moral codes can cause immoral ones simultaneously. 

However, in the same way eating a balance of foods is good for one's body, exploring a diverse diet of religious doctrine is good for one's soul.

There are so many different ideas found in religion in regards to how to best live life. At the same time, so many people who are born into a religion never experience and learn from what others may have to offer. If one were to read the doctrines of another creed, perhaps they would find nuggets of info that truly speak to them.

It's my belief that anyone, regardless of how strict their own beliefs are, should do this. This is not to say everyone should convert to a contradictory, polytheistic blend of all religions. However, whether it's for pure consideration or immediate integration, exploring the ideas of other religions could open your mind up to ideas that you current theistic or atheistic path may have never had you happen upon. In short, conversation is vital, conversion is not.

For a short example, my upbringing in a sect of Christianity never mentioned anything about meditation. I stumbled upon the idea after speaking with a Buddhist leader in my community and subsequently doing more research into the idea. I have now integrated it into my daily life, and I now feel more relaxed, confident, and whole every day.I ardently retain my faith and my God, but it was through the exploration into a non-theistic religion that I bettered myself.

This is but an example and everyone's experience will be different. But exploring the ideas of those you don't agree with is a great way to enhance your understanding of this Earth and your time on it: no matter who you think created it.

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