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Seoul Taco Columbia, MO Review

FoodCoMO · business · opinion · 12/07/2020

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Photo stolen from The Chicago Tribune
Seoul Taco deserves a strong four out of five stars. As a person who doesn’t eat animal products, it can be challenging to find a place to eat, and with all of the acclaimed local pizza places that everyone raves about, the fear of missing out is strong. Thankfully, that feeling is left at the door at Seoul Taco. Whether you order a burrito, a quesadilla, nachos, or tacos, you can choose to substitute the meat for tofu; in regards to the steak option, tofu is even cheaper! 

I ordered the Tofu Tacos, which came in a set of three. For eight dollars, it was a good amount of food. One strike against the tacos is while the blend of ingredients tasted great, the amount of tofu was lacking. However, if you wanted to remedy this fairly easily, you can adjust your tacos with extra protein for two dollars and double protein for four dollars.

I went with a friend of mine and we struggled a little with where we would eat. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Seoul Taco had no seating inside. And even if it did, the atmosphere of the eatery left a lot to be desired. It was dimly lit, smoky from the kitchen, and the employees were not happy to be there. Of course, this can also be attributed to COVID-19; I know I don’t like working in public right now. So, I give them a pass.

There was no seating immediately outside either, so my friend and I walked to where my truck was parked and sat in the truck bed. Thankfully, Seoul Taco packed our tacos in convenient little styrofoam take-out boxes, so it wasn’t a problem that we didn’t have plates.

Our next problem came right before we could dig in. When we got to the truck, we noticed the bag was leaking. Whether the box wasn’t closed all the way, the box was faulty, or we jostled the take-out boxes while walking to the truck is a mystery, but all we knew was now the sauce from the tofu tacos was leaking all over the bag.

We quickly separated the boxes and dug in, and let me tell you, the food more than made up for the atmosphere and bag incident. Despite the small amount of tofu, the flavors worked so well together so that every bite was the perfect blend of the Korean-Mexican fusion that Seoul Taco has been striving for since its taco truck days. Overall, whether you’re an omnivore or herbivore, Seoul Taco is a great choice for your downtown Columbia, MO dining.

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