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Controversial athletes are beneficial to their sport

NewViewNews · sports · prompt · 11/01/2020

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Background info:
While their athletic prowess is undoubtedly respected, many athletes make their impressions off the court. While many athletes are nearly-universally praised for their kindness, generosity, or humor, our view on louder or more aggressive personalities is much more divided.

In recent history, athletes like Connor Macgregor, Floyd Maywether, Terrell Owens, John Rocker, and Dennis Rodman are sure to stir the pot whenever a camera is nearby. While the source of controversy for some of these athletes is not much more than a loud mouth, some of their colorful histories include cheating, breaking the law, and more.

Sports fans are divided on the impact of these controversial athletes. Some argue they benefit their sport: the controversy they bring can help popularize a sport or athlete that few cared about. However, some argue that the dark side of these figures, between the name-calling, insults, and immoral actions, diminishes sportsmanship and harms the integrity of the sport overall. For the Sports section’s NewViewNovember prompt, we ask you to respond to the following statement:

Controversial athletes are beneficial to their sport.

There is no right answer to this prompt. Prompts are written in the from of a statement to fit with agreement/disagreement/other and do not imply the opinion of NewViewNews or contest judges. Responses may fall somewhere in-between these three responses, and we ask you not to stress about which category to put it in as all opinions are equally valid, and nuance is something to neither avoid nor force.

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