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Don't Save Local Journalism; the People Have "Voted" - NewViewNews






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Don't Save Local Journalism; the People Have "Voted"

navid disagrees with this · business · opinion · 10/05/2020 · edited

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A little birdy once told me that "my dollar has power" and that I should recognize that my "wallet has a vote."1 Local journalism entered the gauntlet with the power of the dollar and it lost. The people have voted: they're not interested in local journalism and, therefore, have not supported it with their money.

What you are suggesting is that the government should swoop in to save a business that has fundamentally failed. If you truly believe that people can vote with their dollar, you are advocating for the government to erase that vote. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for tax breaks. That being said, if we're to subscribe to your "donuts"1 ideology, we shouldn't be handing them out in order to bail out business models that haven't stood the test of time. You're advocating for the undermining of the people's "vote." By providing tax breaks for supporting specific organizations, the government is endorsing those organizations. In the United States the press is privatized. By supporting these endorsements, you're supporting the government's intervention in the--relatively--free market.  

While we're handing out tax credits, why stop at local journalism? There are plenty of valuable businesses that have lost the battle against the peoples' dollar. Why don't we revive Blockbuster? Or record stores? Or telegram services?

A consequence of living in a capitalist society is that sometimes good services go by the wayside because the people don't support them monetarily. The people clearly don't think that local journalism is necessary, is it the government's job to tell them that they're wrong? 

I'm writing this piece with the presupposition that you truly believe what you wrote in your "donuts" article. If you no longer believe what you said there, then your argument here is more than fine. However, I don't believe that you can hold both opinions at the same time without treading dangerously close to hypocrisy.


(1) https://newview.news/page/article/757b505cfd/your-dollar-has-power-recognize-your-wallet-has-a-vote/

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