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LeBron isn't a GOAT, he's a bitch

BULLy disagrees with this · sports · opinion · 12/07/2020

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Listen. You can use all of the bullshit, anecdotal arguments you want, but all that matters at the end of the day is cold, hard facts. 

Who has more points per game? Jordan has 30.1 while LeBron has 27.1. Who has more steals per game? Jordan has 2.3 to LeBron's 1.6. That's right, he's got him beat in offence and defense.

And don't even get me started on free throws. LeBron has 73.4%. THAT'S A C! Literally the easiest shot to make and he's 10 points behind Jordan.

Let's talk about playoff games. In these games, the most important ones, Jordan has more points per game, more steals per game, less turnovers per game, and, again, a way better free throw percentage.

Let's talk about awards. How many times did Jordan get All-Defense First Team? Nine. How many times did James? A mere five. And what about Steals titles? Jordan's got three, and James has not two, not one, but zero. Jordan's defense game just annihilates James into oblivion.

And the coup de grâce. Jordan's got more championships, more MVP's, and more Finals MVPs. And you know why? Because he is THE MVP.

Jordan's better , that's it.



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