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LeBron's the GOAT, 4-6 doesn't matter

Laker4Life · sports · opinion · 10/29/2020

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The GOAT argument is the most annoying in all of basketball. That annoyingness doesn't stem from a lack of interest in the conversation; it comes from the oldheads who are too busy choking on MJ's balls to actually have a good debate. 

So for all of you dumbass oldheads: LeBron is better than MJ. I don't wanna hear your bullshit "4 and 6" chants or your claims that he's not clutch. LeBron runs circles around MJ everywhere it matters.

The only legitimate claim against him is his finals record which isn't pretty without context. However, out of those six finals losses, you can realistically blame LeBron for the Dallas series. To be honest I have no excuse for that series; LeBron was just bad. But trying to blame him for the other five losses is braindead.

LeBron dragged his awful Cleveland team to the finals in 2007 as a 22 year old in his fourth year in the NBA. Sure, they got swept but when you have the YMCA rec team as your supporting cast you should get swept by a star-studded San Antonio team. Plus, LeBron single-handedly dismantled the Pistons in the previous series.

Right away we should strike that loss of his record. Nothing he could single-handedly do there. Meanwhile, when MJ was 23, he was busy being swept in the first round by the Celtics. How many times has LeBron lost in the first round? Oh right, zero.

"LeBRon LOseS WHen iT mATteRs" the MJ stans will cry. It's true, LeBron has lost when it matters before in his career but that's because he's consistently gotten to the point where it matters with bum teammates at that. Jordan couldn't get out of the first round without the help of Scottie Pippen while LeBron was taking Eric Snow to the finals.

Finals losses are the most overblown stat in all of basketball. LeBron had to face the Mighty Warriors in the finals while Michael played against a hobbled Sonics team. It's ridiculous to hold any of those losses (minus 2011) against LeBron.

Outside of that LeBron makes his teams better. In a 1v1 LeBron would lose to MJ no doubt but basketball is a team game. MJ was always the one to shine while LeBron is willing to share the spotlight to win. MJ needed the front office to assemble him a team while LeBron dragged horrible teams through the playoffs year after year. LeBron eventually started making his own teams but that's just because his front offices never did it for him.

LeBron's better, that's it.

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This is the stupidest argument I've ever seen