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Cops: Proving the Necessity of the Second Amendment One Assault at a Time - NewViewNews






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Cops: Proving the Necessity of the Second Amendment One Assault at a Time

navid · social issues · opinion · 10/10/2020 · edited

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From its very inception, American society has been fraught with logical fallacies. To see a particularly jarring example, look no further than our nation's willingness to use slave labor. We built a nation on the backs of an imprisoned race, all-the-while praising our dedication to "liberty for all." At this point, cognitive dissonance is so ingrained in our culture that it may as well be written into our history right next to "we the people."

As we've moved out of the history books and into the present day, these inconsistencies haven't disappeared: they've simply morphed. A particularly pressing instance of these lapses is an ever-growing "anti-gun sentiment."

It has become an increasingly popular perspective to insist on gun bans or, at the very least, gun control. From my experience, when pressed on this issue, the anti-gun crowd falls into two categories: the pro-cops and the anti-cops. 

Let's start with the first group.

Unfortunately, something that this group often fails to understand is that the police aren't the sentinels of the Constitution we thought they were as children. They aren't the morally-perfect protectors of our rights that we wish they were. They don't spend their waking hours beating evil; in fact, you're far more likely to find them beating their wives (1) or other innocent individuals. To say they peaked in high school would be an overstatement as I'm not sure you can call an anthill a "peak." But apparently this isn't clear to everyone; hence group number one.

The people who belong to this camp often believe that guns are outdated. "We don't need them for self defense anymore, the police will do it or us!" they scream indignantly. However, let's remember one of the original reasons tenets behind the second amendment was the concept of protection from a tyrannical government. Now, when living in the United States, it's often difficult for people to consider the existence of a tyrannical government until it descends upon us. That's why some consider this ideal to be an irrelevant and outdated one. Well people, it has descended and it has descended fast. 

The police, the people tasked with protecting our rights, are the same people desecrating them. We've seen numerous instances of cops attacking journalists (2)(3)(4)(5), assaulting civilians (6)(7), abducting pedestrians (8), and, of course, murdering innocents (9)(10). These are all recent incidents as well. I haven't even mentioned Michael Brown, Kelly Thomas, Philando Castile or the countless others slaughtered by America's Biggest Gang. If that isn't tyranny, I'm not quite sure what is. The American people need guns to protect ourselves from the malicious behavior of our "protectors". No matter how safe you may feel, the tyrannical rule of the government is right around the corner. The last few months have made that more obvious than ever.

As far as the second group goes: props to them for recognizing the shortcomings of the police force. Where I stop following is when these same people who want to defund the police also want to ban guns. In a world without law enforcement--or greatly weakened law enforcement--the individual is still entitled to their right to self defense. Stripping both the police force and our second amendment rights will leave the most vulnerable of us in the most danger. How do we make sure those people receive protection? Let's just say there's a reason the firearm is known as the "great equalizer."

When you're feeling safe it's easy to lull yourself into the "anti-gun" mindset. But the reason we have guns isn't for the sunny days of today, it's for the rain of tomorrow. I've included a database with hundreds of instances of police brutality if you'd like to take a look (11). Be warned, some are fairly gruesome but they remain extremely important.


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You made great points here. One more logical inconsistency I'd like to quickly point out lies within the latter crowd you mentioned -- or at least, a question I'd like to ask them. Who do you expect to enforce a gun ban? The police you despise? An even stronger governmental force on the state or federal level? If you are against local police, the idea of an even more powerful branch of law enforcement should be even more frightening. Additionally, it's important to remember that a lot of good people tend to follow --even unjust-- laws. To rephrase, neither the law nor your opinions on something have a bearing on the actions of those who wish to do harm. So if we somehow shifted the culture to where people who want what is best for their fellow man hang up their weapons, the only ones who will retain them are those who don't. And there will be no equalizers to stop them.


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