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How Percy Jackson Made Me an Agnostic Vegan

BestofBoth · religion · opinion · 11/08/2020 · edited

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Cerberus, The Mighty
My mom bought me The Lightning Thief when I was in 2nd grade. After a brief break after the imagery of talon-clad monsters terrified me into putting the book down for half a year, I picked it up again, and I. Was Hooked. 

I sped through the rest of the series. Afterwords, I scoured Wikipedia, reading everything I could about Greek Mythology. Every tale, every hero, every monster, and every God. Sorry, god.

The more I read, I couldn't help but be curious at these gods. I know a God; my mom told me about him. He's a good guy who created and oversees the world. Does he know these gods? Questions provoked research, and I found out there was a ton of these guys, all with the same name, many claiming similar jobs and achievements.

Why did I, and my family, believe that the God we followed was undoubtedly real, yet the gods in my book were mythology? The dam broke. Confronted with hypocrisy that yielded no answers, I, as an 8 year old, decided it made no sense to confine thousands of god to myth and one to reality. Thus, my agnosticism, a word I didn't know and couldn't (and can't) pronounce, was born.

Fast forward a decade, and my interests have swayed from mythology to politics (both pretty similar if you consider the worship, hubris, and adultery). I've adopted a libertarian philosophy of liberty and non-agression, not hurting others if they don't hurt you. While I was sure this platinum rule ought to apply to humans, I couldn't in good faith discuss it with my friends over a steak dinner. Why is it okay for me to participate in an industry that produces and slaughters animals en masse while I preach we ought not hurt, imprison, or coerce each other?

The clincher came when I went home to my dog. Here was this living sentient being, who I loved and called my best friend minutes after I swallowed a cow; or a pig; or a deer. I worshipped my dog, yet killed and ate others under the myth that they don't matter. It's a convenient hypocrisy, a peculiar institution, and a socially acceptable genocide.

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