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Welcome to NewView November!
NewViewNovember is a month-long series of contests hosted on NewViewNews. All seven topics of NewViewNews (business, entertainment, politics, religion, social issues, sports, and technology) have their own opinion prompt to respond to. The best response/newview to each prompt receives $25 at the end of the month and the best site-wide opinion article, including NewViewNovember responses, for the month receives $50. For information on how to respond to articles, check the "writing newviews" section of our about page. In order to participate, create a newview to any of the prompts below. Submissions will be accepted until November 30th at 11:59pm PDT. Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

NewViewNovember also includes a news contest, for more information check the block at the bottom of this page.

Religion, in general, is a net positive

Big tech businesses need to be regulated

The U.S. constitution, as Thomas Jefferson argued, should be easily amendable

Controversial athletes are beneficial to their sport

Historical figures should be given leniency as being products of their time when looking back on the negative aspects of their legacies

Nostalgia-focused media diminishes the quality of entertainment

Genetically editing humans before birth should not be allowed under any circumstance

News Contest
In addition to the opinion contests, NewViewNovember also has some news contests! Rather than respond to specific prompts, this news writing contest will be sitewide. By the end of the month, the best news or feature article from every category (business, entertainment, politics, religion, social issues, sports and technology) will recieve a $25 prize. In addition, the best overall news or feature article will receive a $50 prize. Because the styles of these articles can vary wildly from person to person, the best defintion we can offer is a brief portion of our about section

A news article, in the broadest sense, contains objective information about current events. Typically, this article would be reporting on the basics of something that has happened very recently and is devoid of your own subjective opinion.

A features article is usually a deep dive into an interesting topic that isn’t as time-sensitive as a news piece. Some examples are personal profiles, analyses, how-tos, and many more.

Every type of news or features article will be accepted. This criteria is vague, however we think that best in order to open the door to as many ideas as possible.